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Mountrath Ballyfin Newsletter 27th – 28th Feb. ’21 2nd Sun. of Lent

St. Fintan’s Parishes Mountrath Ballyfin Sat. 27th – Sun. 28th Feb. 2021 – 2nd Sun. of Lent

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We remember in our Prayers People who are ill (their Families and Carers) in Hospital, Nursing Homes or in their Homes.


A Thought During Lent –
Giving Lent a Purpose Fr. P.J. Fitzgerald. S.P.S.

We know that Lent is a time of renewal. A time for putting our faith at the centre of our life again. The three main ways of doing this is through prayer, fasting and almsgiving or charity. I would like to say a few words about how we can pray.

Most of us find prayer difficult. Prayer is meant to be a meeting with God, speaking to hoim and listening to him.I find that a good way to keep myself focused during prayer is to come to prayer with a special intention or purpose in mind. Eg. To thank God for a special favour received, to beg forgivness for sin or to request a grace for myself or someone who may have asked me to pray for them.

Prayer is a great way of freeing ourselves from anxieties. I ask God to help with whatever is bothering me. Then after the prayer I will compose myself by saying “I will leave it in His hands now” This attitude and way of praying has helped me a lot during my life and enabled me to remain calm even in the most trying od situations.
I think you should try and pray in the same way. It will make a big difference to your life.


Dear Parishioner, – A Word of Thanks
I want to renew my appreciation and gratitude for the ways in which you have found to support the parish and us, the priests of the parish, over the past year since the first Lockdown. We are deeply grateful. It has and continues to be a most challenging time for so many; families, self employed, hospitality and so much more. By and large we are not doing too bad, thanks in no small part to your generosity. We have traditionally depended on the passing of collection baskets, that is a practice which is unlikely to return in the short term. Therefore, I want to acknowledge your support given via the weekly envelopes (2021 boxes are being distributed at present), If you didn’t get a box of envelopes so far this year (and would like to) you are welcome to collect a box of envelopes from the Back of the church. Just write your name and address on the first few envelopes. This will allow us to keep track of your donations for the whole year and, where possible, (and totally at your discretion) claim the additional 45% back from Revenue under the charity donations scheme at no cost to yourself. The Diocesan Accountant is currently finalising the accounts for 2020 and when completed they will be displayed on the notice board at the back of the church.

Possible ways of supporting the Parish:

 Weekly Envelopes ⇐
 Direct payment – Cash/Cheque ⇐
If contributing by cheque please make cheques payable
to “Mountrath Parish” – or “Ballyfin Parish”
Please indicate – Parish Fund or Clergy Fund (for support of the priests of the Parish)
Cheques can be posted to – Parish Office, Parochial House, Ballyfin, Portlaoise, Co. Laois.

 Online Facility (See Diocesan Website – ⇐

 Standing Order or Transfer directly to our Accounts ⇐

The following are our Bank Account Details
Mountrath Parish – Bank of Irealnd Mountrath Branch
Ac. Number (90 18 29) 72 74 7250
Ballyfin Parish. A I B Portlaoise Branch Ac. Number (93 32 79) 00 20 30 30
Please include your own name as the reference.

 Support Mountrath and Ballyfin Parish Lottos ⇐

If you have any queries or would like to speak with us regarding donating to the Parish or participating in the charity tax donation scheme, just ring me on 087 2411594

Stay connected with us!
Parish Website www.mountrath/ – Links to Webcams on Home Page


Exploring a Practice for Lent:

Stations of the Cross

What we know as the “Stations of the Cross” (or the “Way of the Cross”) has its origins in a practice of the early Church where pilgrims walked in the footsteps of Jesus’ Passion in Jerusalem. Along the way they would stop to pray at places where a significant event is believed to have occurred.
It is thought that in the Middle Ages the Franciscans brought this tradition to Europe. This made it possible for the faithful who could not travel to Jerusalem to experience in a virtual way the Stations of the Cross by following a signposted path around the inside and/or outside of the church.
From the 18th century onwards, all Catholic Churches were permitted to erect the Stations of the Cross within the church building or in the grounds of the church. This led to the visual depictions we see in our churches today, with the number of stations fixed at 14. Of these, only 8 are explicitly mentioned in the Gospels. In 1991, Pope John Paul II (Now St. John Paul) introduced a new form of this devotion, called the Scriptural Way of the Cross, in which all stations are taken from the Gospels.
There are many popular versions of the “Stations” available and can be prayed in a church or at home, privately or with a group. A typical pattern for the 14 stations might look like the following: Naming of the station (E.g. The First Station: Jesus is condemned to die); Response (We adore you O Christ, and we praise you, because by your Holy Cross you have redeemed the world); A short reading from scripture; Reflecting/meditating on the particular station; and Prayer (E.g. Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be).
While available to us as a prayer at any time, Lent is a particularly appropriate time to pray the Stations of the Cross.
This Lent the Diocese is offering a video series, led by Bishop Denis, with three stations each week. You are welcome to join on webcam. ‘Stations of the Cross in this time of Pandemic’
The “Stations” can be accessed on from 3pm each Friday during Lent, as well as on the Kandle Facebook page. It is also available in written format for you, if prefer to pray the “Stations” in that way. The video reflections are read by people from the diocese who have been seriously impacted by COVID.


Ballyfin Parish Lotto Wed. 24th Feb. ’21
Nos. Drawn 3 4 16 30 Jackpot € 15.000 Not Won
10 Match 3 – Each Rec. € 100
Next Week’s Jackpot €16,000


Mountrath Parish Lotto Thurs. 25th Feb. ’21
Nos. Drawn 12 21 23 26
Jackpot € 20.000 No Jackpot Winner
7 Match 3 – Each Rec. € 143
2 Local Winners
Winner Promoter
Marie and Martin – Mary Haslam
Agnes Kennedy – Gerry Dooley

Next Week’s Jackpot €20,000

A Note from K & L Co-Op Lotto People. We give prior notice of our draw scheduled for Wed. 17th March 2021. We will hold the draw that week on Tues. 16th. We hope this suits