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“Their Lives Enriched Us”

Cemetery Mass in St. Fintan’s Cemetery,Mountrath


Fri. 30th June 2018.  


During our Mass last evening (Fri. 29th June) we named those of our own who have been laid to rest here in this Cemetery and those of our own who have been laid to rest in other cemeteries  since our last Cemetery Mass  on  28th June 2017,


Deaths in Mountrath Parish from 30th June 2017

                               (Our last Cemetery Mass)



  1.    22nd June 2017.  Ray (Raymond) Fitzpatrick, Aughafan, Castletown.    R.I.P.   Burial in Mountrath Cemetery


  1.    23rd June 2017.  James Duggan,  17 St. Fintan’s Terrace  R.I.P.  Funeral Mass in Clondalkin.


  1.    Sunday  2nd July 2017.   Bernard Thompson,  Ard Erin.     Burial in Ballyfin.   

  1.    7th July 2017.   Katherine Olive Dooley, (nee Larkin)  23 St. Fintan’s Terrace, Mountrath,    R.I.P.

  1.    10th July 2017.    Mary (Molly) Brophy (née Birney)  -  Woodbrook, Mountrath,   R.I.P.

  1.     19th July 2017.  Elizabeth (Lil) Burke, Shannon St.,   R.I.P.

  1.    22nd July 2017.  Martin Fitzpatrick, Patrick St.,   (Formerly Forest)    Patrick St.,  R.I.P.

  1.    1st Aug. 2017.   Teresa Doheny  (Nee Duggan)   Kiln Lane  -     R.I.P.

  1.    4th August 2017.  Máire  Kissane, (Nee Miller)  Main St.   R.I.P.

  1.     4th August 2017.  Timothy (Tim) Kearney, Lower Sconce,   R.I.P.

  1.    5th August 2017.  Sr. Bertrand Lynch, Brigidine Convent Tullow,   R.I.P.

  1.    8th August 2017.  Una Heffernan (nee Ryan)  Kildare  -  formerly Shannon St., Mountrath

  1.     22nd August 2017.   Martin O’Gorman,  Crannagh, Mountrath.

  1.     23rd August 2017.    Carmel Lynch (nee Kirwan)  -   Committal of ashes in Mountrath Cemetery  today.   Died on 29th January 2017.

  1.    9th September 2017.  Patrick (Paddy) Mullaney, Gash, Castletown  R.I.P.   

  1.    11th September 2017.  Commmittal of John Troy’s ashes in Mountrath Cemetery -  (John Troy, Coole, Kilbricken, Mountrath)   – John died in London, December 2016.

  1.    17th September 2017. Margaret (Peg)  Farrell,  (nee Bergin)  Rathfarnhan, formerly Redcastle.

  1.    1st October 2017.  Maria O’Rourke, 51 Kiln Lane  -  Maria died today.  R.I.P. 


  1.    22nd October 2017.  James (Shay) McGovern, Portlaoise Rd.,  R.I.P.


  1.      23rd October 2017.   Vincent Morton,  46 Kiln Lane     R.I.P.     

  1.      25th October 2017.  Mary Brennan (nee Bradley)   R.I.P.

  1.      29th October 2017. Eileen Fitzgerald (nee Campion) Kilcronin, Ballinakill.   Died today  R.I.P.  (Formerly Clonard)  (Sister of Paddy Campion, Clonard)


  1.    10th November 2017.  Matt Phelan, Derrycanton, Mountrath,  R.I.P.   (Castletown Parish  -  Burial in Mountrath Cem.)

  1.     2nd December 2017. Peter Bennett, Fountain House, Main St., Mountrath.   R.I.P.

  1.     7th December 2017.  Frances McEntee, Portlaoise Road.

  1.     12th December 2017 . Patty O’Connell (nee Connolly) Thomas Court,   died today  – R.I.P.

  1.    21st December 2017.  Philomena Birney, Rushall,  Mountrath.  Burial in Mountrath Cem.

  1.      30th December 2017.  Fintan Connor, Kilcooney, Geashill – Formarly Clonenagh.   R.I.P.  Burial in Mountrath Cem.

  1.      31st December 2017.   Martin Dunne, Trumera,    R.I.P.  

  1. 30.      6th January 2018.   Tom Fitzpatrick, Derrylusk,


  1.      16th January 2018.  Catherine Gilligan (nee Grehan)   Greenhills, Ballyfin Rd., 

  1.      25th January 2018.  Jimmy Lalor-Fitzpatrick,  41  Kiln Lane.  R.I.P.

  1. 33.      12th February  2018.  Peter Breen, Snr. Drim,  R.I.P.  Funeral Mass in Castletown  -  Burial in Mountrath Cemetery.

  1.      18th February 2018.  Douglas Gee, Moanbaum,    Burial in St. Peter’s Cemetery.

  1. 35.      13th March 2018.  Mary Brigid Bennett, Glenbower, Mountrath.

  1. 36.      15th March 2018.  Mary Theresa Guidrea, Stockwell, London, formerly Clonbarrow.   . 
  2.                                 R.I.P.       Burial in Clonenagh Cemetery.

  1.      21st March 2018. Inez Gee, (nee Henderson) Moanbaum   – St.Peter’s Cemetery.

  1. 38.      22nd March 2018. Timmy Guidera, Stockwell, London, late of Roscrea, died today. R.I.P.    Burial in Clonenagh Cemetery.

  1. 39.     25th March 2018.  Kathleen Delaney (Nee Tobin)  R.I.P. Died in London today.  Formerly St. Fintan’s Terrace, Mountrath. Funeral Mass in Mountrath on Sat. 14th April.   Burial in Clonenagh Cemetery.

  1.     26th March 2016.  Dominic Mortimer, Fr. O’Connor Cresc. (Killenure)      Camross

  1.     29th March 2018.  Terry Leahy, Killeany, Shanahoe,  (Worked in Telford’s Hardware)

 43     4th April 2018  – Francis Touhey, Dysartbeigh, Mountrath  R.I.P.   Funeral Mass in Nenagh.   Burial in Nenagh Cemetery.

44       19th April 2018. Frances Phelan (neé Maybury), 18 Kiln Lane, – formally of Deerpark, Mountrath, R.I.P.

45.    Tues. 24th April 2018.  Norah Phelan, (nee Delaney)  Coldblow   R.I.P.

  1.     27th April 2018.  Patrick (Paddy) Osborne, No. 4 Forest. R.I.P.

  1.     21st May 2018.  Mary Duggan (nee Ryan)  No. 9  Fr. O’Connor Cresc.


  1.      24th May 2018. Helen Ryan (nee McGrath)  Clonin, Mountrath.  – Burial in Camross.

  1.     26th May 2018.  Joseph (Joe) Morrin, Aughafan, Castletown – Burial in Mountrath Cemetery.

  1. 50.     14th June 2018.  Tony Parkinson, Kilbricken.  R.I.P. Funeral Mass in Castletown Ch -  Burial in Mountrath Cemetery.  


  1.   Oliver Doocey   -  Committal of ashes on Wed. 27th June 2018.


The following names were taken from Mountrath Parish Newsletter

Of people we prayed for at our Masses since this time last year. 

(from 30th June 2017 to 29th June 2018).


  1.    19th June 2017. Paddy Culleton, Pallas Big.  R.I.P. Burial in Ballyfin Cemetery.


  1.    21st June 2017.  Gerry (Kevin) Conroy, Cappinrush.  R.I.P.  Burial in Ballyfin Cemetery.


  1.    16th July 2017.  Mary Fennelly (née Ward), Cuddagh, Castletown.  R.I.P.  Burial in Churchtown Cemetery, Castletown.


  1.    18th September 2017.  Brigid (Violet) Carroll, Cardtown, Mountrath.  R.I.P.  Burial in Camross Cemetery.


  1.    21st September 2017.  John Joe Fogarty, Acragar.  R.I.P.  Burial in Mountmellick Cemetery.


  1.    Mid October 2017.  Kitty Walshe, Askeaton, Limerick. R.I.P.  Sister of Mary Moore, New Line Road.


  1.    10th October 2017.  Vincent Ryan, Birmingham.  Formerly of Patrick Street.  R.I.P.


  1.    24th October 2017.  Fintan Parkinson, Kent, England.  R.I.P.  Burial in Cromogue Cemetery.


  1.    28th October 2017.  Josie Coss (née Peters), Main St. Castletown and Cashel.  R.I.P.  Formerly, Fr. O’Connor Crescent.     Burial in Churchtown Cemetery, Castletown.


  1.     1st November 2017.    Peggy Carroll (Mortimer), Garrafin, Camross,  R.I.P. 


  1.     21st November 2017.  Ita Dunne, Chancery Park Cresc. Tuallmore  and Deerpark, Ballyfin.     R.I.P.    Burial in Ballyfin Cemetery.


  1.     28th November 2017.  Teresa Peters (née O’Rourke), Sunbury, Middlesex. (Ballycormack)  R.I.P.


  1.     Late November 2017.  Ann (Nancy) Kelly (née Carthy), Birmingham – formerly Castletown Road.  R.I.P.  Burial in New Oscott Cemetery, Birmingham.


  1.     29th December 2017.  Kathleen Gorman (née Maher) Manchester.  Formerly Patrick Street, Mountrath.  R.I.P.


  1.     3rd January 2018.  Peggy Jones (née Byrne), London.  Formerly Redcastle.  R.I.P.


  1.     16th January 2018.  Michéal Lalor, Cardtown, Camross.  R.I.P.  Burial in Camross Cemetery.


  1.     18th January 2018.  Michéal Gormley, Cabinteely, Dublin.  R.I.P.  Burial in Shanganagh Cemetery, Dublin.


  1.     19th January 2018.  Julia Gorman (née Troy), Irey.  R.I.P.  Burial in Ballyfin Cemetery.


  1.     25th January 2018.  Jimmy Delaney, Burnley, Lancashire.  Formerly Trumera.  R.I.P.


  1.  28th January 2018.  Johnny Morrisy, Cheltenham, England.  R.I.P. 


  1.    10th February 2018.  Bridie Hayden (née Farrell), Crowsgrove, Kildavin. R.I.P.  Burial in New Cemetery.


  1. 22.    11th February 2018.  Anne Mulhall (née Dowling), Bawnree, Mountrath.  R.I.P.  Burial in Raheen Cemetery.


  1. 23.     11th February 2018.  Ethel Richardson (née McCourt), Crannagh, Mountrath.  R.I.P.  Burial in St. John the Baptist Cemetery Ballyfin.


  1. 24.     February 2018.  Mick Ward, Luton, England.  R.I.P. 


  1. 25.     16th February 2018.  Catherine Gilligan (née Grehan), Greenhills, Ballyfin Road.  R.I.P.  Burial in Ballyfin Cemetery.


  1. 26.     17th February 2018.  Michael Kennedy Snr., Lacca, Mountrath.  R.I.P.  Burial in Camross Cemetery.


  1. 27.     19th February 2018.  Sheila Tynan, California.  Formerly The Hollow.  R.I.P.


  1. 28.     7th March 2018.  Mary Seale, Forest Park, Portlaoise.  Formerly Clonkeen.  R.I.P.


  1. 29.     8th March 2018.  Fintan (Fint) Dowling, Boston, USA.  Formerly Derrycarrow, Camross.  R.I.P.  Burial in Camross Cemetery.


  1.  17th March 2018.  Joe Walsh, Brookhaven Nursing Home – Roskelton.  R.I.P.  Burial in Raheen Cemetery.


  1.     25th March 2018.  Michael (Mick) Sutcliffe, Donaghmore, – Church St, Mountrath.  R.I.P.  Burial in Killasmeestia Cemetery.


  1. 32.     29th March 2018.  Tom Flanagan, Lea (Clonanny) Portarlington.  R.I.P.  Burial in Killenard Cemetery.  (Brother of Mick Flanagan R.I.P. – late of Fr. O’Connor Cresc)


33. 5th March 2018.  Noel Russell, Brixton, London.  Formerly of Patrick Street, Mountrath.  R.I.P. 


  1. 34.    25th April 2018.  Gerry McCarthy, Fairview, Dublin – Tralee, Kerry.  R.I.P. Burial in Dardistown Cemetery. 


  1. 35.   29th May 2018.  Sinéad McCarthy, Clondalkin and Fairview Dublin.  R.I.P.


36. 8th June 2018.  Marie Kirwan, England.  Formerly of Forest.  R.I.P. 


  1. 37.       8th June 2018.  Eileen O’Rourke (née Browne), Huddersfield, England.  R.I.P.


38. 10th June 2018.  John Sheeran, Rathmoyle, Abbeyleix.  R.I.P. 



We Pray …..   

Almighty God,   through the death of your son on the cross,

You destroyed our death,

 Through his rest in the tomb

You hallowed the graves of all who believe in you.

And through his rising again

 You restored us to eternal life.

God of the living and the dead

Accept our prayers for those who have died in Christ

And are buried with him in the hope of rising again.

Since they were true to your name on earth,

Let them praise you forever in the joy of heaven.